Androscoggin Bank Colisee

The Androscoggin Bank Colisée is a 67,000 square foot multipurpose facility, seating approximately 3,682 for hockey and up to 4,500+ for concerts. The multi-purpose facility can also host a wide variety of events including boxing, basketball, rodeos, ice shows, theatrical productions and trade-shows.

We are currently the proud home of the L/A Fighting Spirit NA3HL Junior Hockey Club, the L/A JR. Fighting Spirit Youth Hockey Organization, Lewiston High School & Scarborough High School Girls and Boys Hockey.

The Androscoggin Bank Colisée (formerly the Central Maine Youth Center) was built in 1958-1959 to replace St. Dominics Regional High. The Arena has a long and proud history of a variety of events.

The Androscoggin Bank Colisée is proudly owned & operated by Firland Management. Firland is an experienced, hands-on team of consultants with experience in facility operation, management and development in the ice rinks and multi-purpose recreation industry. For more information on Firland please visit