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The L/A Jr. ‘A’ Fighting Spirit is part of Simmons Hockey and was founded by Rod and Lisa Simmons (see bios).  The Fighting Spirit was created to develop and promote amateur Junior A hockey players with the ability and desire to play at the college level.  Our common goal is to provide athletes that are committed to excellence in academics as well as athletics.  All coaches, staff and other personnel are committed to be positive influences and uphold a high standard of integrity and discipline.  By providing a high level of competition, our players will be able to contribute and succeed at the next level of hockey and education.


The true essence of sport is only seen through the amateur athlete.  When player’s compete for the love of the game and personal growth above all else, then sport is played in its purest form.

The team is formed by recruiting players, and our philosophy is to develop the players we recruit rather than cut or trade throughout the season.  When you commit to the Spirit we commit to you!  Overall, the Spirit’s goal is to develop young men who will become contributing citizens in society through the medium of hockey.

What we do differently

A unique aspect of the Spirit’s philosophy is our housing policy.  All of our players are housed together by us, rather than billeted throughout the community.  Our players are guaranteed a safe and healthy environment that we personally ensure by having members of our coaching staff live with them.  This policy provides players with an environment where they are given more responsibility in their day to day lives.  By combining a prep-school atmosphere with Jr. ‘A’ hockey, players learn independence as they transition between high school and college while receiving the benefits of both avenues.

To further ensure a healthy and safe environment, we provide our players dinner every night.  All of our meals are homemade, nutritious, and ensure that each player is getting the nutrition they need to excel as elite athletes.

Another thing that the Spirit program does differently is how we handle travel.  We provide coach transportation to all of our away games regardless of distance.  We also provide all meals and lodging on the road.

For further recruiting information contact Head Coach and Owner Rod Simmons at 518-353-4886 or email